Within the implementation of the project and shipmnet of spare parts offers customers the following services.

Bid specifications with customers
During the workshop we specify the technical and business requirements of the customer regarding the desired application solutions.

The technical solution design, analysis, verification and testing
Technical design solutions based on the specifications of reference and knowledge of the features of the components. Technical proposals are supported by calculations. Verification is carried out by means of simulation tools or testing the supplied samples. For technical calculations we use the tools that are available on our web site.

Optimizing performance ~ price ~ life
During the technical design optimize the price, performance and durability of the device.

Implementation of turnkey projects and documentation
Implement turnkey projects including documentation prescribed by applicable legislation.

Remote management and monitoring
During the trial run can provide remote management and supervision of the device.

Operator training, setup and maintenance
We provide training operation, adjustment and maintenance of all components and systems that we offer.

Technical advice during the design solutions
For the research, development, design and implementation firm providing technical advice during the design facilities in which they intend to use the offered components.

Customer service
The supplied components and spare parts provide the same guarantees accorded to individual manufacturers. After the warranty provide the necessary paid customer service.

Availability of spare parts
For completed projects guarantee the availability of spare parts.
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